1st Draft Complete

I am very excited to reveal that we have reached the first draft stages of the book. In the next couple of weeks, I will be personally adding some more information, regarding some titbits, which I believe is important for the reader to know. Mid January, we will add those before we send on to the editor. After the edit, we will be holding a 'Reading', somewhere (TBA) for a preview with invites, going out to those, that I believe not just know me, but also have a passion for reading. The reaction will determine if I would need to add any missing importance to my life story, through the eyes of my friends. Once that is complete, and we are happy with it, then it will be sent onto Penguin Publishing. Many thanks for your patients with this, but it's that cliche saying: 'Patients is a Virtue'. Lastly, Merry Xmas & A Very Happy New Year! Love&Light,Michael.