Penguin Publishing: "A Nopperz"

After months of waiting to hear back from Penguin Publishing in Melbourne. This is Adrian's respond from the horses mouth: '

Thanks again for resubmitting this to us. I'm afraid we still don't feel it's a manuscript we want to make into a book. As I've said before, you have an exceptional and moving story and you tell it with great warmth and sincerity, but we just don't see there being a wide enough market for a book for Penguin Australia to take it on. Penguin doesn't take on a great number of memoirs and biographies each year, and those that we do often involve well-publicised persons. I'm sorry I don't have better news, Michael, and I would encourage you to send it to other publishers'

So as you could see, it is a great respond back even though it was a 'no', so I would need to send it out to other publishers in the meantime. If you know any that might be interested please send me an email at: Otherwise it's the patient game and I will have this published sooner or later. Thank you all for your love, support and your patience with this.

Much Love Always,