The Australian Screenplay - Oh My God, Am I Alright?

I have always had a dream that my life story, and my book 'Oh My God! Am I Alright?' would make it on screen someday. With this, I am very grateful, that I have somebody amazing in my life, who not only believes in my story, but knows me oh too well. She, on top of all that, is not only talented but I am so privileged to say she is now a very close friend of mine. Those in the film industry would know that it is a long process, but dare me to say...It's Officially Began!

Thanks to everyone, especially those that have supported me through the hard and good times. I can't wait for it all to happen, but I ask just be a little patient with me. It will be published and how do I know this? If you believe in what you do, it will be successful, and that's one thing I've learned.The other is patience. Much LOVE, M x