The Long Awaited Launch; ´Oh My God! Am I Alright?´

It´s with great pleasure to announce the launch that is my life story; Oh My God, Am I Alright? within my own community, so therefore I am thrilled, it will take center-stage at next years MARDI GRAS FESTIVAL, 2014.

It will feature as part of Queer Thinking;- to be held February (date to be confirmed) at The Seymour Center in Sydney, Australia.

My session will have a 45 minute time slot and my primarily focus will be on Cultural Stigma. Unfortunately, Australians and, it´s residence, are still some what backwards, especially other cultures living here, just like my own cultural background, Lebanese.
Released: TBA

Thank you from the hearts of me. This is one of my dreams and have always known in my heart the Mardi Gras Festival was the only place I would want to launch it, and here it is. Believe in dreams, they surely happen.

Love & Light,
Michael x


  1. Congrats Mikey. Can't wait to show you my support. You are so inspirational and positive I miss that I don't see you every day. Sending you big hugs.

    1. Thank you Ms Lizzy. I appreciate all the kind words you so full heartily wrote about me right here. I am blessed and I can´t wait to see you. You and Nick on top of my list for invitations re: my book launch. I love you and thank you again for being what I´d like to call a TRUE FRIEND <3 x


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