Oh My God! Am I Alright? - The Reviews

I just finished reading your story and found it so moving. I think we are so often living in fear they we lose sight of ourselves. We're always afraid of what might happen, or how people might react. Or what maybe the consequence. It takes a brave person to face their fears head on and dispel them and that's what you did. I think a lot of people will enjoy reading this, whether it resonates with them personally or not, it's inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing - Esther Anderson
Mikey, I just finished reading your book! It's awesome! I got a bit emotional at the end. What's next for you? I reckon you are strong enough to do what your heart desires. Xx - Grace Shewan 

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Mickey... I got your book last night and just was not able to put it down... You made me laugh and cry and remember what a truly beautiful soul you are... Your journey has certainly had its ups and downs but I believe you are now living the life you are meant to and you will be rewarded for that!! Thank you for allowing me such an insight into your life and I wish you nothing but happiness and love on your journey... You are an inspirational man!! Love always x - Monique Ciampi