Life Works In Mysterious Ways

Life works in mysterious ways, I do feel loved, in every way but you can't help but feel rejected in life sometimes, it happened to me, it happens in all of us, especially if you are gay, bi or even curious, you are called 'different' as what society has us believing. You need to be who you are at the end of the day and I personally think people need to be educated, and this is what I hope I am trying to do with my book. We need to be more accepted in the real world, and we will get there. We are also humans, and please be proud of who you are, and therefore come out to your loved ones (pending of course on your circumstances) and in most cases I am pretty sure they will understand you, but you have to be patient.                                                                                                                                                                                                    
This is what I am doing with this book, am going to do it after all these years...and it’s about time!! We shouldn't be scared because of our loved ones, am talking blood and best friends, they will love you no matter what! It was so hard for me to come out especially with my background; it's the Lebanese way of life, that will never be accepted. So therefore we would need to change all that and educate them, so in future we don't have suicides or depression. I have been down that road, in my darkest hour. I have realized, how difficult it really was for me to get out of that situation. I don't want to condemn it to know one as a matter of fact no-one needs to go through what I had to go through. It's time we all accept ourselves for whom we really are. Imagine if we are all the same, how boring would life really be? 
On that note to all, am excited and will do everything in my powers to work with our people, charities such as Lifeline & other community events to reach out and help others. I get absolute Goosebumps to see my group page grow, and the comments are just inspiring. I can't thank you enough for your support. 
So the latest on  the manuscript is we are half way there, so I would most probably need a couple of more months and off it will go again to Penguin, whom will decide on a release date (if they choose to publish, which in my heart I believe they will). We will be holding before that a 'Reading' to a few people who I believe that have the experience re:books and two, who know me pretty well, so if you are keen please drop me a line. Comment back on the bottom of the page and I will be in contact. However, ultimately, I would love to have it released in time for the Mardis Gras festival in February, 2012. I'll keep you posted Peeps! 
Heartfelt thank you to my Ghostwriter, which am calling her 'My  Clone' :)

Love and Light,