Hollywood Calling

Hello Gorgeous People, Oh My God, Are You All Alright? :-)

We are well into 2012 and it's March already! Time will pass us by alright..Yikes!

The MS has been given a nice polish with the editing stages, and now it is with Penguin Publishing Company in Melbourne. It's now what they say the 'waiting game'. These things can take up to 6 months before I even hear back, but I promise to keep all posted. I thank you for all your patients and love with all this...I certainly am feeling the love! Aww..

I will also be heading to Los Angeles on Thursday May 4th for a week and a half, and returning on Thursday May 17th, just in time for my birthday shenanigans lol. I'll be heading straight to West Hollywood, where I will also stay on my trip. My trip is to do with my life story: 'Oh My God, Am I Alright?'. It's actually the screen version adaption of my book and the working title of that, I can reveal it's: 'Never Too Late', which the Hollywood biggies are pretty excited about. I will meet the producer of  the film 'The Help', which coincidentally was up for an Oscar award for best film at last years Academy Awards. I hear that he is very very keen on taking up my story for the big screen... this is all I could say right now.I keep pinching myself, but early days yet.

My dream keeps getting bigger and better, I believe in my story and I also have patients. If I could make it happen, so can you. So what are you waiting for go for it! ;)

Love & Light,