F.A.C.A.A Fundraising Auction - Be The First To Own My Personally Signed Memoir 'Oh My God! Am I Alright?'

Item #26 

Thank you to author Michael El-Bacha for a signed copy of his book 'Oh My God, am I Alright?' which is due for release on the 18th of May.

'Michael El-Bacha’s arranged marriage to his first cousin was planned by his parents from a very young age, but little did they know that after the birth of his first and only son that Michael’s life would take a startling new direction.
The ‘coming out’ story of a young, confused man growing up in the western suburbs of Sydney, to strict Lebanese Christian parents, his story will make you laugh, cry and cringe.'

Bid end 28th March, 2014 and go to this link for a bid https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=654640121238759&set=a.644173215618783.1073741835.160083404027769&type=3&theater