Announcement: Oh My God! Am I Alright?

I am very glad to announce that I am progressing further in 2015 with my plans of self-branded motivational speaking and outreach entrepreneurial venture. 

This year you will witness Michael El-Bacha, the Brand progress and rise to create workshops, events and outreach programs for Students, Adult Youth and General Public, in modular phases. 

HQ 101, Worldwide's Innovative Brands will play an instrumental role in brand building and management. 3S1, Incorporated is going to be the backbone of content, public relations and R&D while Dreamaniac will be focusing on concept and design. My good friend Coach - Szebastian Onne will be heading all operations for project Mission Bashman! 

I am grateful to everyone for their love, support and ongoing loyalty and cannot express in words how much it means to me. Please continue your love and join me in 2015 in making this world a better place for LGBTIQ and broader community to become more accepting and welcoming of people as they are! 

Let's Make Things Alright! 

Love & Light,

Michael El-Bacha

Survivor | Author | Speaker 

(website coming soon)