Sacred Heart - The Actors Reading

                                                 Sacred Heart - 2017 

Working title Sacred Heat has been adapted from the book 'Oh My God! Am I Alright?  And the actors read was held with thanks at I.C.E non profit-Arts Organisation Parramatta.  October, 2017 

 Sacred Heart is written by Simon Elrahi, Michael El Bacha & Suzi Liolio. We are in the 2nd draft stages and last month we managed to have the top of the crops actors within the Australian film industry. Here are some pictures that were taken on the night of the script read. On behalf of the writers, we thank each and everyone of you that came and shared such a magical night with us. It is still a work in progress. Love from the Writers of 'Sacred Heart'.

                                                        Michael with Tyler De Nawi
                            Michael with Rahel Rohman, Tyler De Nawi, Amie Bungrove & Julie Elleson
                                  Michael with Johnny Nassr, Nancy Alameddine & Troy Honeysett
 Michael with Simon Elrahi, Maha Wilson, Nisrine Amine & Abbey Azziz, Johnny Lahoud, Antony Talia, Aanisa Vylet & Neveen Hanaa